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Year Established
Xixi Ginza,HZ,China
Business Profile
Four major industries: New Energy, Smart Medicine, Modern Agriculture and Luxury Silver Art.
Business Philosophy
Integrity, Responsibility,Innovation,Cooperation
Corporate Vision
Become an international investment holding group with an output value exceeding RMB 100 billion.
Enterprise Introduction
Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group was founded in 2008. It is a global investment holding group integrating strategic investment and management.
The Group is involved in four major industries – new energy, biopharmaceuticals, modern agriculture and luxury silver art. It is supported by mature and complete financial support, risk control, and value-added capital systems, and is committed to becoming an international holding company with an output value of over RMB100 billion.
In 2014, the Group entered the new energy industry. Zhejiang and Guangdong are the R&D and manufacturing bases of the new energy business, and Hong Kong and Australia are the international marketing centers. The Group has developed strong R&D, manufacturing, innovative service and sales abilities in the global new energy industry chain.
With its business philosophy of "Sincerity & Trustworthiness, Happiness & Responsibility, Development & Innovation, and Cooperation and Mutual Success", the Group has taken the initiative to promote the development of China"s new energy industry as its mission. It aims to make sustainable progress, bring science and technology into its corporate culture, as well as attaches great importance to scientific research and development. The Group provides high-quality, comprehensive product solutions and complete product lifecycle services to multiple market segments globally, to meet consumer needs at different levels.
Zhisin Holding Group currently employs 2,000 people. The Group’s total assets exceed RMB5.0 billion, and its company, China Zhisin Group Co., Ltd. (08265.HK, listed company in Hong Kong) has been included in the MSCI global index.
Brand Collaboration and IP
Global View
Our Milestones


  • 10 Oct.

    Group President Yu Honghao, and vice President Zhang Jiankang attended the Investment, Trade, Technology, and Talent Fair by Hu Zhou Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2018.
    The Group launched its ECWVTA certified new 12-metre pure electric bus during the Eco Expo Asia(2018) in Hong Kong.
  • 9 Sept.

    Mr. Li Beng, Standing Committee of the municipal party committee of Zhaoqing city and the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhaoqing High-Tech Zone, visited our "Ding Xing" factory for site research.
    Outstanding Battery: be ranked at the first place for battery energy density by the 9th Application Catalog of "Recommended Models of New Energy Vehicles".
    Jiangxi Zhixin Automotive Co., Ltd. has two buses listed into the list of the Road Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Product Announcement(312th) by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
  • 8 Aug.

    China Trustful group has 11 buses serving as shuttle buses for the 15th Games of Guangdong Province.
    Zhixin Bus: Jiangxi Zhixin Automotive Co., Ltd. has signed a tripartite strategic cooperation with Xincheng Ebus company and AnKe JieNeng Technology Development Group Co., Ltd on intelligent new energy commercial vehicle for comprehensive solution.
  • 7 Jul.

    Mr. Rai Zehua, Secretary of municipal party Committee and Director of the NPC Standing Committee, met with Mr. Zhang Genjiang, Chairman of Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group in Zhaoqing.
  • 6 Jun.

    Zhixin Bus: Jiangxi Zhixin Automotive Co., Ltd. entered the list of the Road Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Product Announcement(308th) by MIIT.
    Modern Agriculture: obtained the operation license by CAAC.
  • 5 May.

    The Establishment of Ding You(Zhaoqing) New Energy Research Institute.
    Outstanding Battery: the company has been the first one in China to have its lithium-rich manganese battery(RLM) passing the national inspection.
  • 4 Apr.

    Li Xi, member of the Central Political Bureau and secretary of the Guangdong provincial party committee, accompanied by Lai Zehua, the secretary of the Zhaoqing municipal party committee, Fan Zhongjie, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor, and Li Ben, the standing committee of the Zhaoqing municipal party committee, and other officials visited Zhaoqing Outstanding Power Battery Co., Ltd., which is held by Zhisin group.
  • 3 Mar.

    Strategically cooperated with Indonesian company on New Energy Bus Project.


  • 12 Dec.

    Ranked as one of the 2017 Global Top 500 New Energy Sci-Tech Innovation Enterprises.
    Selected as one of 2017 China s 10 Major Lithium Power Battery Brands.
    On the release conference of RLM(rich lithium manganese) based power batteries in Zhaoqing, Guangdong,Dr. Chen Guangsen won the "2017 Industry Leader Award" of lithium battery industry.
    Formally established Zhejiang Zhisin Health Management Company .
    Held the Foundation Ceremony of Zhaoqing DingXing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. in Guangdong Zhaoqing New Energy Power Industry Town .
  • 11 Nov.

    Dr. Chen Guangsen was titled as one of the "10 Most Influential Figures in the Lithium Battery Industry ".
  • 10 Oct.

    Started the operation of Outstanding power battery project in Guangdong Zhaoqing New Energy Power Industry Town.
  • 9 Sep.

    Honored with the title of the 12th "Top 500 Asian Brands".
  • 8 Aug.

    The Company s credit was evaluated as 3-A class in Zhejiang Province.
    Held the groundbreaking ceremony of Guangdong Zhaoqing Outstanding Power Battery Co., Ltd..
  • 6 Jun.

    Honored as 2017 "10 Leading New Energy Enterprises of the Innovation China".
    Dr. Chen Guangsen won the title of "Leading Figures of the Year 2017-- Innovation China".
    Powerwell Pacific (08265.HK) officially renamed as "China Trustful Group Limited".
    Built a strategic partnership with a Canadian company -- Hydrogenics Corporation.
  • 4 Apr.

    Awarded with Advanced AAA Credit Grade.
    Zhejiang Outstanding Power Battery Co., Ltd. started a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Ruiyu Industry Co., Ltd. by an order of 3 billion watt lithium power battery.
  • 3 Mar.

    "The PD-1\PD-L1 anticancer medicine of Taiwan Henlius Biotech Co., Ltd." was recognized internationally.
  • 2 Feb.

    The Guangdong Zhaoqing New Energy Power Town Project was included in Guangdong s 13th Five-Year plan.


  • 12 Dec.

    Zhisin was honored as "2016 China Top 500 Brands" and "the Best Investment-worthy Asian Brand" and Chairman Zhang Genjiang was honored with the title of "Excellent Brand Manager in Asia".
    Held the founding ceremony of the "New Energy Power Industry Town" in Zhaoqing, Guangdong.
  • 11 Nov.

    Zhisin"s intelligent agriculture product -- the agricultural-used drone attracted lot of attention in the 3rd World Internet Conference.
  • 10 Oct.

    Officials of the national Ministry of Science and Technology visited Zhisin during International Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Forum.
  • 8 Aug.

    Oversaw the establishment of Zhejiang Zhisin New Energy Vehicle Research Institute.
  • 7 Jul.

    Invested 10 billion RMB in the construction of "New Energy Power Industry Town" in Zhaoqing Hi-tech Zone.
  • 6 Jun.

    Joined hands with Huzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to build the "Huzhou Yuantong New Energy Technology Park" project.
  • 3 Mar.

    Business partner "AVASS" electric vehicle officially landed in the Macao market.
  • 2 Feb.

    Li Qiang, former governor of Zhejiang province, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committe and the present secretary of the municipal party committee of Shanghai, visited Huzhou New Battery Industrial Park.


  • 12 Dec.

    Started to build the "Huzhou New Battery Industrial Park" in cooperation with Nanxun Economic Development Zone in Huzhou.
  • 11 Nov.

    Our self-designed and developed deluxe tourist bus broke two Guinness world records of the longest travel range of commercial electric bus and commercial electric vehicle.
  • 9 Sep.

    Co-invested with Shanghai Fosun Pharma in "the PD-1\PD-L1 anticancer medical project of Taiwan Henlius Biotech Co., Ltd." .


  • 10 Oct.

    Held the grand opening of the first flagship store of S·collodi in China.
  • 8 Aug.

    Joined with Tsinghua University to develop the new generation of immune cell therapy based on NKT .
  • 4 Apr.

    Officially renamed as Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group Co., Ltd. and formed Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group.


  • 10 Oct.

    Zhejiang Zhisin Investment Management Co., Ltd. was registered.


  • 3 Mar.

    The predecessor of the group, YuJiang Trade Co., Ltd., was founded.
Become an international investment holding group with an output value exceeding RMB100 billion.
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