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The Group"s luxury silver brand S.collodi promotes quality life through cultural heritage, and conveys the ingenuity and essence of human craftsmanship. It is a perfect combination of European art style and Eastern philosophy.
S▪ collodi was launched in the Chinese market in 2014. The high-end silverware and silver artwork feature exclusive core Italian antioxidant technology.
In 2018, Tongyin"s new product line - Gewu is on the line. The luxury silver products operated by the Tongyin"s original luxury silver brand S•collodi have both Chinese and Western characteristics; while Gewu is a brand new product line under the S•collodi brand. It mainly deals with traditional Chinese handmade silver pots and has unique Chinese characteristics.
Gewu has integrated the operation and service of products of Chinese products, traditional handmade products and high-end customized products, which has incorporated currently traditional products like high-end handmade silver pots, tin wares, celadon gifts, dark-red enameled pottery and so on. "Ge" means quality, standard, and thorough research. "Wu" refers to the essence of things. Gewu represents the origin of tracing back and obtaining the true meaning. In today"s increasingly accelerated pace of life, Gewu hopes to make every customer slow down, return to the essence and enjoy life quietly.
Zhejiang Tongyin Precious Metal Management Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Tongyin Precious Metal Management Co., Ltd. founded in 2013, is a company specializing in high-end luxury silver products, silver art design, operation and sales.
The company"s own luxury silver brand S•collodi, whose production process and production equipment was imported from Italy, drew on the essence of European master artists and Italian folk silver craftsmen in product design and production. It incorporates traditional Chinese cultural elements and forms a unique brand with both Eastern and Western artistic features.
Become an international investment holding group with an output value exceeding RMB100 billion.
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